Intuitive system which has universal applicability to all role-players within the student accommodation market

Hi-Res for Students

  • Applicants can transition seamlessly between the client website and Hi-Res during the application journey
  • Interact with the system via an online web based front end or through the Mobile App
  • Resident students utilize the system for aspects relating to tenancy including; application, movement, vacate, issue logging, surveys and online shopping
  • Components of the app and web will integrate with facilities related features including wireless door locking and unlocking, AV integration, visitor tracking, navigation and equipment hire

Hi-Res for Residence Staff

  • Access the system via a web front end to execute on listed tasks whilst reviewing dashboard indicators which drive business decisions, student management and overall facilities management through integrated software solutions

Hi-Res for Stakeholders

  • Utilise the system to load and track letting performance of beds and associated facilities within portfolios
  • The system is also used as a platform to configure pricing, promotions and advanced business and allocation rules associated with the facilities within a letting cycle (dual letting cycles may be managed concurrently)


Web based solution

Allows universal access


Allows tailoring to business needs where it matters most: beds and rental rates


Allows for easy setup

Cross platform capability

Allows the business to retain existing support software and to introduce best in field software to interface with core platform

Mobile Friendly

Allows for universal access, improves user experience

Reporting and Admin

Generate data to make better business decisions on how residence is being managed, filled and responded to

Ultimately the tools allows stakeholders the opportunity to gain insight where it matters most, make decisions faster, optimize portfolio performance week on week, month on month, year on year.

Integration List